Scary Clowns
Get The Last Laugh On Halloween

Scary Clowns

Evil Jester CostumeFunny, isn't it? Clowns are supposed to make us laugh and smile but it seems that a lot of the time, they are smiling and we are scared. For many people, happy clowns are as scary, if not more so, than scary clowns. So if you want the last laugh this Halloween, you might want to take advantage of the mysterious fear of clowns with a scary clown mask or costume.

 What makes clowns so scary? There are many theories but in general, we tend to fear what we don't know and with a clown, we never know what to expect--we don't know what they are thinking under the made-up white face and red nose and for all we know, they may be scowling behind that painted-on smile. We may also wonder--what are they hiding under those baggy, colorful clothes? Then there are the dramatic killer clowns and evil clowns of popular culture that have conditioned us even further-- Batman's Joker for one. Sometimes, a scary and traumatic "clown" event may deeply effect some people when they are children. For example, a clown's significantly abnormal facial features may frighten infants who are just beginning to process and recognize facial features in their parents and may become disturbed enough to carry the effects for the rest of their lives.

Joker MaskThere are different but related kinds of clowns, the oldest being the jester or fool who in olden days was actually expected to behave badly, from mocking the most sacred to being disrespectful of the highest authorities and generally displaying the lower side of human nature, a side of us that is not acceptable to society. As time went by, they became tricksters with more sinister intentions than just trying to make people chuckle.

Strangely enough, how scary we find a clown will also depend to a great degree on where we meet him (or her) and everybody agrees that there's something really scary about a clown that is out of place, like roaming around the streets at night or knocking on your neighbor's door and this Halloween, you can be one!

You can't go wrong with one of the many scary clown masks. The most inherently negative and disturbing thing about a clown is the mask because it hides the truth, the wearer's identity and intentions and is therefore an expression of deceit and potential danger. Add to this the constant smile which is an abnormal expression of everlasting joy and the end result can be quite disturbing.

Or go the whole hog and choose a complete scary costume of Bobo The Clown. Clown costumes tend to exaggerate some of physical features, such as the feet, hands and nose and for many of us, these could just as well be monstrous deformities as something funny.

Of course, if you are extra creative and handy with paints and makeup, you also have the option of playing with a scary clowns make-up kit. Clown make-up goes back thousands of years and there is a good reason why they have white faces! No matter which route you choose, you can't go wrong if you become a scary clown this Halloween.